2018 Mar 22 – Flash News – Registration is closed! Thank you registrants, sponsors, donations, exhibitors, SSPs and interpreters. We look forward to having an awesome conference experience with you!

2018 Mar – Flash News – Day Pass(es)! If you were hoping to come for a day or more, we have news for you – we have Day Passes available! Each conference day is available for a price, please register for the day(s) you wish to come and we look forward to having you. Spread the good news to your DB communities and friends. Registration for the Day Passes will be open until March 18.

2018 Feb – UPDATE Conference Registration Announcement!

Flash News – The conference registration is expanding by opening to DB people from anywhere. Please spread the good news to your DB communities and friends. Registration will be open until sold out or until Feb 24 whichever happens first. This will be the last registration announcement.

Price $150 for DB and one SSP

Support us to recruit more volunteers so we all have a 2nd SSP
Support us to raise money to cover costs for 2nd SSP ($150 each)
Registration includes Open and Closing Ceremonies, access to all workshops, activities, exhibitors, breakfast and lunch each day.
Does not include hotel, Wednesday dinner, Thursday dinner, Friday dinner.

We also have a Facebook page: Please share with your families, friends and SSPs.

2017 Dec – Conference Registration Announcement!

Information has been updated and posted above. Biggest change is that we’re opening the conference to DB from anywhere. Prices and all other details remain the same.

2017 Aug – We are spreading the word to the DB communities within the Pacific Northwest region; Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington state. Registration will be limited to people from these communities. Please this message with others! We are working hard on many things like workshops, activities, exhibits and sponsorships. As soon as we know more we will send out an email. If you wish to learn of this information, please email with your name and which state you are from.