News / Update

2018 Mar 22 – Flash News – Registration is closed! Thank you registrants, sponsors, donations, exhibitors, SSPs and interpreters. We look forward to having an awesome conference experience with you!

2018 Mar 18 – We’ve reached the maximum space at the exhibition room! Thank you exhibitors, we look forward to your great exhibits.

2018 Mar –  Flash News – Day Pass(es)! If you were hoping to come for a day or more, we have news for you – we have Day Passes available! Each conference day is available for a price, please register for the day(s) you wish to come and we look forward to having you. Spread the good news to your DB communities and friends. Registration for the Day Passes will be open until March 18. Click here to go to the Registration Page.

2018 Mar – A new page added Workshops, Activities and Biographies. Click here to go to the page.

2018 Feb – A new page added Non-Conference Evening Activities. Look there for March 28 Wednesday night’s Annual Deaf Studies Lecture 2018 “Breaking Down Distantism:How DeafBlind People Created the World’s Oldest Virtual Community, 1850-1920” by DB Presenter John Lee Clark, March 30 Friday night’s Conference Farewell and Social and March 30 – April 1 weekend Seattle Deaf Film Festival. Click here to go to the Non-Conference Evening Activities Page.

2018 Feb – The Conference Schedule has been updated to include a Thursday evening event. Details to be announced soon! Click here to go to the Schedule Page.

2018 Feb – Flash News – The conference registration is expanding by opening to DB people from anywhere. Please spread the good news to your DB communities and friends. Registration will be open until sold out or until Feb 24 whichever happens first. This will be the last registration announcement. Click here to go to the Registration Page.

2018 Jan – The Conference Schedule is available!

2017 Dec – Registration is announced, cheers! Click here to go to the Registration page.

2017 Aug – SAVE THE DATE Announcement – Washington State DeafBlind Citizens (WSDBC) is hosting a regional conference for the DB community. We have a conference committee called Northwest DeafBlind Conference and we’re inviting our brothers and sisters from neighboring states/province: Idaho, Oregon, Alaska and British Columbia. The conference will be from Tuesday March 27 through Friday March 30 2018 held in downtown Seattle with open weekends before and after for your own pleasure. Please save the date and share this message with others! We are working hard on many things like workshops, activities, exhibits and sponsorships. As soon as we know more we will send out an email. If you wish to learn of this information, please email with your name and which state you are from.

2016 Mar – Members of the conference committee has voted “Journey of Experience ” as the theme

2016 Feb – Members of the WSDBC community has voted for a logo. The logo has two evergreen trees on the outside of 3 snow-capped mountains with a downstream river. Northwest DeafBlind Conference is on the bottom both in braille and in text.

2015 Oct – We created a Facebook page at

2015 Jun – Members of the DeafBlind community got together to discuss and establish the regional conference team of several committees.

2015 Jan – Members of WSDBC voted to name the conference as Northwest DeafBlind Conference.

2015 Jan – Members of WSDBC voted on hosting a regional conference.