Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where is WAC?
      Washington Athletic Club
      1325 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
      On Sixth Avenue between (Between Union and University)

    • Walking to WAC
      – Walking from Link Light Rail Westlake Station to WAC
      Distance: 5 minutes walk

      Exit from the Westlake Station: 5th Ave. and Pine St.
      Go to 6th Ave.

      Street Intersections as you walk towards WAC:
      Pine St. and 6th Ave.
      Pike St. and 6th Ave.
      Union St. and 6th Ave.
      Half way down the block is the entrance to WAC.

      Bus Stop on Pine and 5th Ave.

      – Walking from Link Light Rail University Street Station to WAC
      Distance: 6 minutes walk

      Exit from the station: 3rd Ave and University St.
      Go to Union St. *Best to use Union St because some sidewalks on University are closed due to construction.

      Street Intersections as you walk towards WAC:
      4th Ave and Union St.
      5th Ave and Union St.
      6th Ave and Union St.
      Turn right on 6th Ave. and half way down the block is the entrance to WAC.

      Bus stop on 3rd Ave and University St/Union St.
      Bus Routes Southbound:

      Bus Routes Northbound:

    • Driving to and Parking near WAC
      Information about driving and parking is here

    • Description of WAC?
      The conference is being held at the Washington Athletic Club. It’s a venerable old institution here in the heart of Seattle. I know it sounds like a gym but it is really a membership club including a boutique hotel, a spa, and seasonal events for members.
      The building is large, furnishings are elegant and there are two banquet style rooms that we will use in addition to a few smaller ones. The Noble room is on the first floor and will be mainly for exhibitors. As you saw from the schedule there is a “speed dating” kind of introduction to all exhibits on Wednesday morning. All other rooms we use are on the third floor.
      The second banquet style room is the Crystal Room on the third floor. Bruce had to keep correcting me when I said second floor because we do not use the second floor at all and the elevator close to the front door is an express between the first and third floors. Hmmm I wonder what IS on the second floor..
      The main entrance is on 6th Avenue downtown, which runs North-South. The glass entrance doors are up a few steps, give or take a few more, from a gentle sloped sidewalk. Once inside you face a small lobby with some couches. To your right as you enter is a pedestal with a concierge type person checking membership / why you are there. The Noble room (exhibits) is across from the main entrance (just to the right of this small lobby area) and runs lengthwise to the ‘back’ i.e. to the west. Tables will be arranged around the walls.
      Elevators (express to the third floor) are not far from the entrance just past and behind the concierge person. There is another set of elevators further down the hall as you walk past the Front Desk and another lobby.
      The Crystal room on the third floor, is where we will have all workshops. It is on the north end of the building and runs East-West. There are two largish alcoves on either end, and a service hallway running along the south side of this room. Food service for Continental style breakfasts will be set up in the alcove on the East end while JLC’s display materials will be in the alcove on the West end.
      Other rooms we will be using are also on the Third floor and are off the main hallway between the elevators and the Crystal rooms. There are restrooms at the opposite end from the Crystal room (on the left side of the hall) and on the first floor, near the Noble room.
      (Written by Theresa Smith for Bruce Visser)

  • Communication at the Conference
    The conference strongly encourages DB to DB communication. This means DB members will work together, support, and inform each other. All workshops and activities are led by DB. Many sessions will be in small groups with no interpreters needed. Of course, there will be interpreters and SSPs there too, but we want to use direct communication (DB to DB) and to build Community together as much as possible.
    If PT is new for you, there will be at least one workshop on PT, and PT mentors available throughout the full conference to help. The Conference will be a safe place to learn more PT, and to experiment with direct communication and experiences. SSPs are encouraged to hold-back and not rush-in to help, but to be available, on-call, ready, instead of on-duty.