Description of Activities

– Meet and Greet with Everyone
Tuesday night opens the conference with registration, a cash bar in the Crystal Room where all can purchase cocktails, snack on hors d’oeuvres, and socialize. There will also be some small ‘door prizes’ for all present.

– “Speed Dating” of Exhibitors with Angela Theriault and Keith Clark
All participants will gather for the opening on Wednesday morning. Then we will have an opportunity to get a quick, short, touch to each booth in the Exhibit Hall: Microsoft, Amazon, the City of Seattle, and others. Small groups of DB participants will go to each booth, get a short introduction to that exhibitor, then all together, groups will rotate to the next booth.

There will be time later in the week to return to the exhibit hall and visit the tables for more information and deeper conversations. There will be time later in the conference to come back and explore each exhibit in more depth. All exhibitors will be communication accessible either by signing themselves, or by bringing an interpreter.

– Microsoft Focus Group; two sessions with Ambassador Jeremy Sasser
Microsoft will send two people from their ‘accessibility’ department to exhibit what they have. They will also learn from participants – what you use, what you struggle with and what you want MS to do to support you as a DB computer user. There are two specific times set aside for them to question you. It may be in small groups or one-on-one interviews. We will have sign up for times. Jeremy Sasser will take the lead.

– Exercise with Sarah Morrison
Sarah Morrison will lead participants in stretches and exercises to get our blood flowing and muscles more flexible. Come get moving in a safe space.

– PT Telephone Game with Roger Poulin
Roger Poulin will lead an old fashioned game of ‘Telephone’ and watch how the messages get changed or lost – all for fun and learning. The new thing here is that the game will be all in PT. Come practice and play.

– Working with Clay (Pottery) with Roy Rios
Come play with clay! Tables in the room will be set up with tools and clay so you can come in, sit down and make something. The clay dries fast so you can take your creation home. Roy Rios will be there with examples of the different things he has made. Feel free to ask Roy about his experience and give you advise about making things with clay. Andrea Hays, from Seattle Parks and Recreation, will be there to answer questions about where you can buy clay and the tools you might need. Seattle Parks wants to have a pottery classes for DB people soon. Please let them know your ideas.

– Board Games with Yashaira Romilus
This activity will be available both Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesday afternoon Yashaira Romilus will be available to help you get set up. Recruit a playing partner and come play Scrabble, Chess, Checkers or other board games. Friday afternoon the games will still be available but you’ll be on your own.

– Spirit Bags and Crafts with Diane Poulin and Nancy Sommer
These spirit bags are modeled on Native American ‘medicine bags’. Diane Poulin has made small pouches that you can fill with herbs, spices, stones or other personal objects. These can become a ‘sachet’ to put in your drawer to give clothes a nice scent, or carry with you for a comforting reminder of special moments. There will be materials to put into the pouches and to sew the material to complete or close the bag.