Abstracts of Workshops

– Protactile Principles, Maps and Classifiers with Jelica Nuccio and Oscar Chacon
ASL is a visual language; it uses space in front of the signer to describe space. This does not work for PT, so how does PT describe space? ASL uses classifiers to describe the size and shape of objects, and their relationships. This doesn’t work for PT, so how does PT describe this? Come to this workshop and learn the hands-on PT ways to describe space and the relationship of objects.

– Experimental PT Theater and Storytelling Part I and II with aj granda
Part ONE
The idea of PT theater is new. Theater is basically Storytelling. Participants will be in small groups and practice developing character, expressing emotion using PT. aj granda will lead the session one, explaining the ideas and help assign roles for a simple story we all know.

Part TWO
Part two will be a continuing exploration and further development of storytelling, and theater techniques leading to the idea of a PT theater.

– SSPs on Our Journey with Angela Theriault, Debra Kahn, and Allie Joiner
This two part workshop focuses on our need to get more resources to pay for communication access to the Community, including an increase in SSP hours.

Part ONE
Participants will meet in small groups to answer prepared questions, to discuss the ways they use SSP hours now, and any frustrations. How many hours of SSP support do you wish you had, and for what different purposes? Do you like the label SSP or prefer a different one?

Part TWO
How to lobby: requesting more money for SSP hours. How to approach legislators, developing relationships and explaining what SSPs do.

We will video tape comments from people who are willing to have their comments videotaped for later publication (maybe to Legislators and to possible donors). We will ask you to sign a waiver.

– DeafBlind People of Color with Korian (Koko) Thomas, Oscar Chacon and Yashaira Romilus
DeafBlind people of color (POC) are the most rapidly growing majority within the DeafBlind community. The discussion will include oppression, racism, and prejudices between DeafBlind POC and DeafBlind non POC. The goal is to educate and find solutions that promote interaction and positivity to counteract the negative feelings between these two groups by acknowledging the current lack of educational awareness.

– Our Journey: DeafBlind History with John Lee Clark
John Lee Clark and Rachel Simon have gathered many materials like those used by DeafBlind people in history. These objects will be on display in the Crystal room throughout the conference. During his presentation on Thursday evening he will gather participants in small groups using PT where others will help him tell stories about specific DB people in history, rotating through the evening.

– Positive Self-Identity as a DeafBlind person with aj granda
Sharing all together! There are so many barriers and challenges in life. How do we build a positive identity as a DB? Aj granda will organize a ‘PT train’ for all to share stories of a DB Journey, developing a positive identity. Participants will sit in a line of chairs one facing left, other facing right, then left, then right in a train, communicating using PT. After 10-15 minutes people in Group A will shift chairs and people in Group B will stay, to meet and share with the next person.